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New courses launched focusing on patient safety, quality improvement and team wellbeing

Veterinary teams want to deliver the best care possible. Choose from two new innovative courses that help you to enhance patient safety, optimise practice systems and improve team wellbeing. Designed to address the challenges faced in modern veterinary businesses and using a people-first approach to ensure long-lasting and impactful improvements, the Human Factors Essentials and Quality Improvement (QI) Essentials courses promise to equip participants with valuable insights and tools to create a more effective and supportive work environment.

What's so essential about Human Factors?

Human Factors is a scientific discipline with the dual aim of optimising systems (workplaces) and enhancing worker wellbeing. The recently launched Human Factors Essentials offers a comprehensive approach to improving team wellbeing and practice efficiency using a human factors approach.

Veterinary professionals work tirelessly to ensure optimal care for their patients, and as a result they often encounter the risk of stress, fatigue, and burnout which can impact their performance. Additionally, a culture of individual blame may hinder learning and improvement.

Led by experts in veterinary patient safety, neuroscience, and human psychology, the Human Factors Essentials course introduces a systems-thinking approach to tackle these challenges head on. Participants will learn about how our cognitive function impacts performance and develop a personalised toolkit for effective decision-making, workload management, and team communication. The course encourages participants to shift away from blame culture towards just or fair cultures, which foster continuous learning and improvement, as well as high trust in teams.

"This course could be a real game changer for anyone seeking to create and lead a more supportive work environment," says Dr Iain Price, a neuroscientist and VDS Training Consultant who has co-developed the course. "By understanding the many factors influencing our decision-making and workloads, we can more confidently and deliberately achieve better clinical outcomes for our patients whilst taking care of our team's wellbeing. Ultimately this leads to happier, healthier teams that attract, inspire and retain talent and clients."

The Human Factors Essentials course welcomes veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and practice managers eager to enhance their practices and create a positive impact on both patients and teams. With a mix of engaging workshops, practical exercises, and the option of an online or face-to-face course, participants can expect a rewarding and transformative learning experience.

Autumn 2023 dates:

Face-to-face: Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry - Tuesday 26 September 2023, 10am - 4pm Book your place

Online: Three online workshops, 9am - 12pm, Wednesdays 4 October, 11 October and 18 October 2023 Book your place

Using QI initiatives to drive positive change for improved patient care

For veterinary professionals seeking to make a difference in their practices but uncertain about where to begin, the Quality Improvement (QI) Essentials course offers an excellent starting point. This course equips participants with the skills and confidence to undertake effective quality improvement projects that will improve the level of care delivered to patients and the work environment for the team,

Recognising the challenges of driving change and engaging the team, course trainers combine expertise in QI methodology, patient safety, leadership, and team dynamics. This people-first approach ensures that the improvements made resonate with the whole team and have a lasting impact.

"Quality improvement is an ongoing journey that require practical tools and changes in behaviour," states Dr Elly Russell, a vet and VDS Training Consultant who helped to develop the QI Essentials course. "Our course equips participants with the necessary methods and strategies to convert concerns into actionable goals, measure care processes effectively, and lead change with confidence."

The QI Essentials course welcomes veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and practice managers involved in delivering or measuring quality improvement, clinical governance, or practice standards. Like the Human Factors Essentials course, it also offers both a face-to-face workshop or online version, both with hands on exercises, enabling participants to apply their learning directly to their practice.

Autumn 2023 dates:

Face-to-face: Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry - Thursday 12 October 2023, 10am - 4pm Book your place

Online: Three online workshops, 9am - 12pm, Thursdays 14 September, 21 September and 27 September 2023 Book your place

Enrol today

Both courses are now open for registration for any veterinary professionals seeking to improve patient safety, optimise practice systems, and enhance team wellbeing. With engaging workshops, expert trainers, and practical takeaways, these courses promise to empower participants to drive positive change in their practices.

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