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Veterinary Dentistry at Eastcott Veterinary Referrals

After receiving the AVS EMS grant, I have since attended Eastcott Veterinary Referrals, and gained invaluable experience into advanced veterinary dentistry. I have always been interested in dentistry and found myself to be very intrigued by routine dental procedures during previous small animal placements.

Prior to attending Eastcott Referral Hospital, I was excited about integrating into a highly specialised team and working alongside some of the most prestigious veterinary dentists in the UK. During the placement I was involved in daily procedures and was warmly welcomed by all the staff. I got the chance to develop various clinical skills, including the application of local maxillary and mandibular nerve blocks, dental charting, performing a thorough dental examination, taking and interpreting dental radiographs, small animal computed tomography (CT), and routine anaesthesia. I also got the opportunity to enhance my interpersonal skills through working within a veterinary team and interacting with clients.

This placement really encouraged me to consider various treatment options in preparation for my own future patients, including some of the most advanced and modern treatments available. My experience here also allowed me to reflect on my own clinical reasoning skills through active case discussions with senior clinicians and through participation in a weekly journal club. Whilst here, I also observed advanced techniques, such as root canal and restoration treatment, oral surgery, prosthodontics and feline odontoclastic resorptive lesion (FORL) therapy. The practice also provided a comfortable environment to ask questions about various procedures, decision-making, and any other aspect of veterinary dentistry. I found every member of staff to be really helpful and approachable during my two-week block, which is always an added bonus whilst on EMS and helped build my confidence in dentistry.

Prior to submitting my application for an AVS EMS grant, I was hesitant about the logistics as the hospital was not commutable from my place of residence, and I did not have any contacts that I could stay with close-by. Therefore, my only option was to consider staying in a hotel in close proximity to the practice and incurring the expense myself. The support of the EMS grant helped me cover the cost of accommodation whilst on this placement and also partially covered fuel and travel expenses too. Without the grant, I do not think I could’ve justified the cost of local accommodation and would have had no choice but to sacrifice the opportunity and forego such an amazing experience looking back.

Fortunately, AVS and VDS Training have helped me fund these miscellaneous expenses and relieve some of the financial pressure by awarding me an EMS grant. With their support, I have been given the opportunity to really explore if I truly want to pursue a career in veterinary dentistry, which I now know that I do. Working at such an elite standard of veterinary medicine has been inspiring and has reinforced my passion for dentistry. Also, working with the team at Eastcott Referrals has really given me something more to aspire to and, from this placement, I have since been invited to apply for the dental internship upon graduation from vet school. Again, without an AVS grant, I feel that this placement would not have been feasible and I am very grateful for the opportunity provided by AVS and VDS Training. I would also encourage anyone interested in dental EMS, or any other specialty, to contact the Eastcott Referral team as they were very facilitating and really eager to teach during my visit.


VDS Training are proud to be supporting the AVS EMS grants. These grants will offer financial support to veterinary students to complete an EMS placement. The applications for the 2019 grants are open and close of the 1st of December and the successful applicants will be announced at our 2020 AVS Congress at Surrey Vet School in January. There are 5 grants available each of £200 and the application form can be found here and should be emailed to:

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