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Who has the Time for a Time Management Course?

Time- we could all use more of it. 

In a recent survey of VDS members, 8.2% of those surveyed named time management pressures as the thing they found hardest about being a veterinary professional. A further 11.3% of the 364 veterinary professionals who responded listed working hours and work-life balance as the most difficult aspect of life in practice. 

We’ve listened. VDS Training are thrilled to announce a brand-new time management workshop launching in November 2019, Life Hacks to Take Control of Your Time.  

But who has the time for a one-day workshop? In short, the people who feel they don’t. 

This workshop is tailored for busy veterinary professionals. For vets with too many appointments, for RVNs without enough support, and for Practice Managers struggling to keep on top of the demands of a leadership role. 

Taking just one day to step off the hamster wheel, take stock and equip yourself with practical and sustainable skills could be the one change that works for you. 

Prior to the workshop you will be helped to identify your key challenges which we will then work through during the workshop itself. This enables us to give you the precise tools YOU need, to tackle the challenges YOU face.

'I didn't think I had the time to do this course, but when it came to it, I realised I didn't have the time not to do it'
VDS Training Course Delegate

During this workshop delegates will learn why they face challenges with managing their time, how to prioritise quickly and effectively, how to say no when they don’t have time, how to manage distractions, and, crucially, how to develop new behaviours into good habits. 

We know the pressures that life in practice can present, our course aims to give you real, useful and practical methods of dealing with these. We can’t make any more hours in the day, but we can help you to make the most of the hours we do have. 

We hope that you can find the time to join us!

Find out more on our course pages.

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VDS Training are passionate about developing all members of the veterinary team, to help you overcome the personal and professional challenges you face on a daily basis, and to build practical skills and techniques to make a real difference to you and your life.