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This two-day bespoke course tailored to the size and needs of your practice is all about getting your team to work more effectively together understanding each other to bring about better communication, less stress and conflict and a happier workplace.

Before the workshop everyone completes their own online DISC behavioural profile - it only takes seven minutes to do. This helps identify the preferred communication and behavioural style of every team member and identifies how each colleague approaches tasks and decisions and deals with stress. These insights are shared with the team so that everyone can get the best out of each other.

Day 1:

Two-hour evening workshop for the whole practice explaining how to build the best practice team. A fun and informative evening which could be combined with a social.

Day 2:

Personal one-to-one feedback sessions for each individual member of the team about their own DISC profile, with each team member receiving their own 17-page DISC behavioural report. This is followed by a team debrief for the management team, highlighting tips on how to motivate and communicate with the different personality types identified.

Key Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course your team will be able to:

  • Understand what drives them and how they individually cope under pressure
  • Appreciate the effect and impact they have on other team members and how to adapt their style to work better together
  • Boost team morale - work in a happier and more successful way
  • Recruit and retain staff more effectively
  • Engage more productively with colleagues and clients.

Looking for something more bespoke? We can run this course exclusively for your practice team and can adapt the course to meet the team’s needs working in small groups of 5/10/15. Get in touch/Call us to discuss your team’s requirements.