It's Good to Talk - I think an animal has been deliberately hurt: What now?

Ruth Serlin, Dr Elly Russell, Paula Boyden (The Links Group), Peter Attenburrow (VDS)
November 2023

In this second session of our It's Good to Talk webinar series, Ruth Serlin, Training Consultant at VDS Training, will be joined by Paula Boyden from The Links Group and Peter Attenburrow from the Veterinary Defence Society to discuss the common features of animal abuse and how to frame the various conversations we need to have if we suspect it.

It's Good to Talk - Let's get contextual: Removing fear and judgement from veterinary care

Ruth Serlin, Alison Richards (Cats Protection), Dan Holden (VDS), Dr Elly Russell
October 2023

In the first webinar of this new series, Alison Richards from Cats Protection and Dan Holden from the Veterinary Defence Society joined Ruth Serlin to discuss the concept of contextualised care and how we can reframe our approach. Around every animal is a unique set of circumstances and needs. As practitioners, these factors influence how, when and where we intervene and what that intervention entails.

Good Veterinary Workplaces: Taking Action - Finding, nurturing, and keeping a great team

Dr Holly Norman (Vet, Practice Owner), Dr Elly Russell, Malcolm Morley (BVA)
September 2023

Our final webinar in the series is all around recruitment and retention. Holly Norman took us through her practice rules for great culture and discusses how employing a range of people can enhance your workplace. Holly also shares her effective methods of not just finding the best talent but keeping them happy and staying put.

Good Veterinary Workplaces: Taking Action - How do we handle racism and discrimination?

Navaratnam Partheeban OBE (BVEDS), Daniella Dos Santos (BVA Past President), Dr Elly Russell
July 2023

Difficult situations and discrimination are regularly seen in veterinary workplaces, with 15% of vets surveyed experiencing and 21% having witnessed discrimination in practice or education (BVA Voice of Veterinary Profession 2021 Survey). This session is a timely reminder on how those issues still exist in workplaces but will also discuss how they can be dealt with sensitively and fairly. Theeb shared his own experience as a starting point for an informative and solutions focused conversation with BVA Past President Daniella Dos Santos.

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Good Veterinary Workplaces: Taking Action - Making returning to work, work!

Louise Withers (vet, Stable Close Equine), Vicky Jux (vet, Stable Close Equine), Rob Williams (VetPartners), Malcolm Morley (BVA)
June 2023

Louise Withers and Vicky Jux, vets at Stable Close Equine Practice, in conversation with Rob William of VetPartners, to share their experience of returning to work in practice after career breaks of differing lengths, and provide some useful tips and guidance both for those returning to work and for the teams and management supporting them.

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Good Veterinary Workplaces: Taking Action - The power of 1:1s in the veterinary workplace

Lyndsay Hughes (BVNA), Elysé Smith (BVA), Carolyne Crowe
May 2023

Lyndsay Hughes RVN sits on the board of directors at her practice and has a true passion – and the results to back it up – for creating cohesive workplace culture and better working conditions. In this month's talk, she guides you through making time for 1:1s and the benefit they have for all members of Team Vet.

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