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Launched by VDS Training and SPVS, GradTrack is a collaborative programme of non-clinical training for veterinary graduates and those supporting them in practice

For Veterinary Graduates

  • Develop skills to help you become happier and more fulfilled as a vet
  • Learn strategies to help you overcome day-to-day challenges in practice
  • Boost your confidence at work
  • Improve how you communicate with clients and colleagues
  • Thrive, rather than just survive, in practice.

Starting work in practice can be a baptism of fire – we know, we’ve been there! There’s the negative thoughts, the stressful consults, the challenge of working in a team and the difficult conversations with owners (and your boss!). However, it doesn’t have to be like this and the support you receive in your first few years will make a huge difference to both your wellbeing and your performance.

Through practical tools and strategies, GradTrack will help empower you to become the vet you want to be.

GradTrack, for graduates working in independent practice, is a programme of eight specialised workshops (four workshops of two consecutive days), with each two-day workshop held at Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry.


Consultation skills; The Colourful Consultation©
Wednesday 10 October 2018, Brian Faulkner
Confidence in the Consultation Room; ‘Differentials in a Day’; Talking about money; Confidence
Thursday 11 October 2018, Brian Faulkner


Personal Leadership and Thriving in Practice 1 (DISC; Self-awareness; resilience)
Wednesday 6 February 2019, Carolyne Crowe
Personal Leadership and Thriving in Practice 2
Thursday 7 February 2019, Carolyne Crowe


Tuesday 14 May 2019, Penny Barker
Compassion, Fatigue, Burnout and Talking about Euthanasia
Wednesday 15 May 2019, Kirsty Sturman


Managing Difficult Situations
Wednesday 18 September 2019, Christine Magrath and Geoff Little
Basics of commerce of veterinary practice; where income goes and the effects of not charging
Thursday 19 September 2019, Brian Faulkner

For Employers

  • Learn strategies to help your graduates develop into productive, happy team members
  • Develop the skills and understanding you need to support your graduates so they flourish
  • Learn how to provide a structured and supportive mentoring programme for your graduates, enabling them to become confident, independent and effective members of your team.

During this one-day workshop, you’ll focus on the practical coaching and mentoring tools and techniques that are essential for working with and supporting new graduates in practice, enabling them to develop professionally and become confident, independent and effective members of your team.

To enhance others’ performance and make your life easier, it’s vital that you understand your own communication and leadership style and how to motivate and engage others effectively. We will explore practical tools and techniques for appraising and giving feedback. We will also look at your role in developing your graduates’ resilience, sustainability and enjoyment of their role, and being a source of education.

Coaching and Mentoring in Practice
Thursday 6 September 2018, Coventry
Carolyne Crowe, Brian Faulkner