Life Hacks to Take Control of Your Time

Part of our Resilience courses.

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Do you

  • Feel like a hamster running fast on the wheel of life, always chasing your tail?
  • Feel like you are so busy doing everyone else’s stuff you never have time for you or your stuff?
  • Know you are always busy but don’t quite know where the time goes?
  • Have an endless to-do list which can overwhelm you?
  • Find yourself firefighting the urgent tasks rather than the important tasks?

This is a one-day workshop designed to give you the practical tools you need to manage your time, prioritise effectively and take back control. As the title suggests this workshop will provide you with tips and tricks to work smarter, allowing you to maximise your potential and maintain control of your time. 

Prior to the workshop you will be helped to identify your key challenges which we will then work through during the workshop itself. This enables us to give you the precise tools YOU need, to tackle the challenges YOU face.

During this workshop delegates will learn:

  • Why they face challenges with managing their time
  • How to prioritise quickly and effectively
  • How to manage theirs and other’s expectations and be realistic with the time they have
  • How to say no when they don’t have time even if they’re natural default is to say yes
  • How to manage their diary effectively through planning and discipline
  • How to manage distractions
  • The benefits of good time management
  • How to develop new behaviours into good habits

One of the many benefits this course presents is that the content will be focused around the individual needs of each delegate. Prior to the course delegates will be given tools which will help them identify their key challenges around time management, and during the course they will understand why these are challenges for them.

By the end of the day each delegate will have tools and actions to address these challenges which are practical, relevant and tailored to their own particular needs.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Recognising the individual challenges around time management, why they are challenges and what can be done to overcome them
  • Hacks and tips to work smarter not just harder
  • Evaluating, planning and executing good time management and prioritisation
  • Managing distractions
  • Changing behaviours in a sustainable way

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for any practice team member facing specific challenges around time management, planning and prioritising.

Further information

Ahead of the course, we'll ask you to carry out a time audit in the form of a questionnaire to identify your specific challenges around time.

On the day, the workshop begins at 10am. Please arrive from 9.30am when coffee and tea will be provided on arrival. The workshop runs until 4.30pm and lunch will be provided.

One month after the course, a webinar will be held to provide a forum environment where you can discuss progress made in achieving your desired outcome and any further challenges.

This workshop awards 6 hours CPD.