Managing Challenging Client Conversations

Part of our Communication courses.

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'I find the VDS Communication courses invaluable...The practical sessions with role players really help improve my skills in interacting with clients who maybe feeling upset or worried and the courses really give great practical advice.'
Communication Course Attendee

Communication breakdown plays a huge part in many clinical veterinary errors and customer complaints which is why the VDS has supported communication skills training for almost 20 years. “Managing Challenging Client Conversations” involves the use of experienced facilitators and simulated clients (played by educational role players) to allow a unique and interactive learning experience for delegates. This extremely popular type of training is based on extensive research, which has shown that this approach to learning can produce long lasting effects.

Each day is unique and personalised to address any specific issues faced by those who attend. By recreating situations you have found challenging or creating situations you fear, we will give you specific communication tools to deal with them effectively in the future. Although we will look at those specific tools, they are at their most effective when moulded to your individual personality. Even though you may have been to one of our courses previously, each day is unique and stands alone.

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, you will have gained confidence and practical tools in the following challenging situations:

  • Defusing anger
  • Comforting upset clients
  • Apologising without admitting liability
  • Getting clients on board with treatment regimes and costs
  • Plus any other challenging situations you bring to the day to discuss.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for any practice team member who interacts either face-to-face or over the telephone with clients.

On the day

This half day workshop begins at 9.00am and runs until 1.00pm. Once you have booked you will receive details of how to register to join the live session

Further information

This workshop awards 4 hours CPD.

This course complements our How to Defuse Complaints and our How to Strengthen Your Consultation Skills courses.