Greener Veterinary Practice - Reducing your carbon footprint

Justine Shotton (BVA), Carolyne Crowe, Alice Sotomayor (Vet Sustain, iiE)
July 2022

In the fifth of the Greener Veterinary Practice Webinar Series, we take a closer look at greenhouse gas emissions and explain how to measure your practice’s carbon footprint, and why it’s important to do so. We highlight some of the key carbon-producing areas in veterinary practice and provide practical tips for you and your colleagues to make impactful changes that benefit you and the environment.

Greener Veterinary Practice - Using medicines responsibly

Jen Gale, Malcolm Morley (BVA), Laura Higham (Vet Sustain)
June 2022

In the fourth of the Greener Veterinary Practice webinar series, we discuss the key principles for purchasing, prescribing and disposing of medicines responsibly, why it’s important, and the conversations you can have that will encourage positive behaviour change. We also highlight UK and global initiatives that are leading to improvements in medicine usage worldwide and explore how you can contribute towards them.

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Greener Veterinary Practice - Sustainable surgery and use of consumables

Jen Gale, Justine Shotton (BVA), Zoë Halfacree (Vet Sustain)
May 2022

In the third of the Greener Veterinary Practice webinar series, we explore the environmental impact of a veterinary operating theatre and commonly used consumables. We’ll discuss how to buy equipment ethically, use surgical textiles responsibly, and dispose of consumables correctly and also look at how we can balance maintaining standards of patient care whilst considering the environment.

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Greener Veterinary Practice - Using water and energy responsibly

Jen Gale, Justine Shotton (BVA), Becky Sedman (Vet Sustain)
April 2022

In the second of the Greener Veterinary Practice webinar series, we discuss why it’s important to consider our use of water and energy and why it’s everyone’s responsibility to do so. We also explain how to measure what you use and provide tips to help make your practice more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Greener Veterinary Practice - Empowering the team

Elly Russell, Justine Shotton (BVA), Zoë Halfacree (Vet Sustain), Jo Oakden (BVNA)
March 2022

In this first session of the Greener Veterinary Practice webinar series, we explore the workplace benefits that can be gained from ‘getting greener’, the balance of implementing sustainable options whilst retaining patient safety, and the impact environmental concerns can have on team members’ mental wellbeing. We also discuss how to handle common barriers, keeping motivated, tips to promote behaviour change and ways to engage your team.

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Good Veterinary Workplaces - Personal and Career Development

Carolyne Crowe
August 2021

Our final webinar of the series will explore the importance of Personal and Career Development in the workplace, with BVA Junior Vice President Justine Shotton in conversation with VDS Head of Training Carolyne Crowe sharing their thoughts on what career progression looks like, career pathway options, CPD, and the importance of both clinical and non-clinical development.

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