The Blame Game

Recently, more than ever, veterinary teams have had to work under additional and uncharted pressures, and working under these increased or extended periods of stress can have a negative impact on the culture and environment you work in – if you let it. Culture naturally evolves and changes and so it is something which needs to be monitored and fine-tuned on a regular basis. Many factors contribute towards culture, and achieving one of proactivity, positivity and teamwork, and one which nurtures a no-blame culture, can be crucial to an efficient, effective practice.

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Dealing Effectively with Angry Clients

When approached by, or directed to, a client who is angry what is your initial reaction? Are you already internally reacting, quickly forming assumptions, and preparing for battle? How are you arriving? Taking 5 minutes to prepare and move your mindset from emotional and reactive to calm and logical will enable you to bring the client down the emotion scale.

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